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So we've piqued your interest and you've come this far, go you! We are happy to help you but you need to make some decisions before we can really give you a hand.

  • Getting a domain name

    We strongly suggest everyone register their own domain name. That way YOU own YOUR address and the website address and e-mail addresses you give out are associated with your name, not ours. Since almost all the 'obvious' and easy to remember domain names are taken it may take you some experimenting to find one that you like that is available. [more info]
  • Designing your website

    What do you want to do on your website? What is its 'purpose' in life? Make a list of how you want your site to work. Don't be afraid to make a wish list–you can even show us a list of other web sites you admire. We believe in open, honest communication. We won't promise you the moon and then deliver only a rock. We'll always tell you upfront what we can do for you and what we're capable of. [more info]


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