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Site Design and Development charges vary according to services needed and site size.

In the past we had example prices here for different ‘common’ site needs, but we learned quickly that there is no such thing as a ‘common’ site setup. We aren’t a design ‘farm’, we don’t have fleets of people waiting to design your site. We have a small group of independant designers, each with their own skills and strengths. You work and negotiate with them directly. It’s your site, you’re in control of what goes on it, what it looks like, and you deal directly with the person (or persons) designing your site. No sales people. No marketing and public relations suits to try to tell you how to set up your site. If that’s what you need then we aren’t the place for you. If you want personal, friendly and skilled one to one design, then drop us a line.

Hourly Rates

Please note that these rates pertain only to the tasks indicated. They reduce when grouped together (when they are all part of a project), or, when monthly website design contracts are involved.

Basic Design - $50.00/hour

  • Basic HTML edits.
  • Meta tag, associated text, and search engine placement work.
  • Installation and setup of standard CGI/perl forms.
  • Establishing email aliases/remailers/auto-responders.
  • Image scanning, document OCR, and graphics optimization.
  • Copy writing.

Advanced Design - $75.00/hour

  • Custom graphics work (illustrations, logos, etc).
  • Advanced page coding (SHTML, DHTML, Flash, etc.).
  • Newsletter/mailing-list setups, online subscription facilities.
  • Multimedia Implementation (audio or video).
  • Custom coding (CGI, Perl, PHP, JavaScripts, Java Applets).
  • Setup of user-modifiable Content Management templates including Wordpress, Drupal, ModX and Joomla
  • Database development, and associated management tools.


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