Svaha Update - October 2009 - Moving to a new server!

We are excited to announce that we are upgrading our primary server which houses all our user accounts & domains. Bigger, faster, more expandable, better data center (100% Renewable Energy powered by the end of the year) and much better tech support. 

The only drawback is we have to move all accounts over on to this and that's a time consuming task. We will be moving all Svaha accounts over to this new server over the next few weeks. We are doing this one account at a time and testing as we go to insure no data is lost. However since we are moving accounts over a period of time this does create a few complications for anyone on the new server. I will try to detail these below but please contact us or call 888 997 8242 if you have any questions.

E-Mail Client Settings:

You will need to check your mail settings to make sure you are using for your IMAP/POP & SMTP settings. You may have this already set or you may have or If you use the latter two they still point to the old server so you wont see any new mail until you make this change. You can still use SSL to encrypt your connection with this new setting but you will get a warning message that this doesn't match the certificate the server is sending out. You should be able to just ok this exception and things will work fine. This is just temporary, when we are fully moved over to the new server you can change this setting back to

CPanel Access:
When accessing your website control panel, CPanel, you may get pointed over to the old server, Make sure the URL has for the URL when accessing your cpanel. Note - when you visit this URL you will get a warning that it's SSL certificate doesn't match the domain it's assigned to. This is ok, we just haven't moved over our primary svaha domains to this server yet, so just tell your web browser to accept this cert. If you have any problems contact us.

DNS Changes Time Delay:
When we move your account we will be updating the IP address in your DNS (Domain Name System) settings. To make a long story short, various other servers on the internet keep a cache of DNS information and dont automatically update the info the moment we make the change, so during the time your domain(s) are 'in transition' between the two servers it's possible some mail may arrive on the old server or some people may visit the website served up on the old server instead of the new one.

E-Mail during Move
We will manually synchronize your mail directory several hours after the DNS switch to make sure any straggling e-mail gets to you but if you are expecting an important e-mail it couldn't hurt to check webmail on the old server at . We will try to do as many moves as possible in the evenings to minimize the amount of e-mail confusion.

If you would like to schedule your site move for a particular time please contact us and we'll arrange this with you. Otherwise keep an eye out for an e-mail from us announcing when we plan to move you (or if your site is small and easy to move we may just move you and let you know it's done)

If you have any questions or concerns about this move please contact us. E-mailing this address will automatically open a support ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also leave voicemail on our toll-free support line at 888 997 8242


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