Who is Svaha?

Who is Svaha?

(Cue dramatic music)

Forged by friendship and common interests, morphed by time, Svaha is now run by a core group of people dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of geekiness. Ladies and gentlemen, these are your Svaha owners!

  • Matt - Williamstown, MA - Web Design, Primary Customer Support, SysAdmin, Sales, Billing, manager.
  • Karl - Elmsford, NY - Primary Customer Support, SysAdmin, Sales, CGI Scripts, Windows Support Specialist, MAME master
  • Greg - St. Petersburg, FL - Primary SysAdmin, Customer Support
  • Andrew - Boston, MA - On-Site Hardware support, Linux Geek
  • Adam - Boston, MA - On-Site Hardware support,
  • Erik - New York, NY - Web Design, PHP & AJAX expert
  • Jim - Franklin, ME - Customer Tech Support, Networking (DNS), Mail server & systems administration
  • Nick - Boston, MA - Web Design, PHP, SEO, Social Media Marketing


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"Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen."

Horace Mann